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16 May 2008 – Royale At Addington

Friday 16th May

I decided to enter Royal Alliance, a young mare owned jointly by myself and Mrs Susan Soley in the five year old class at Addington Manor Premier League. Had I realised when writing her details on the entry form, the chaos and not to mention noise she would cause during her five-minute test, I may have reconsidered my well thought out plans! I have competed her at local shows and taken her on road trips around the country previously giving her plenty of low-key experience. I think what I am about to tell you just goes to show that for a young horse, no matter how well you think you can prepare, nothing beats the experience of competing with the atmosphere of a 'real' Premier League Show.

As we live so far north, near Hartlepool we normally travel the night before. This was especially important for Royale as she is only a baby, to recover from the journey. She settled in well and bar me almost decapitating mother throwing bales of hay off the lorry roof rack, we all settled in for an early night, mum somewhat appreciative of having her whole head still in tact!

We fed as normal and I plaited her up, as her time was quite early and my time keeping a little late, combined with my need for perfect plaits I rushed to get changed into my competition gear. I allowed half an hours warm up as she tires quite quickly, though not anticipating a good ten minutes of this spent doing one-time tempi changes! Fabulous talent shown, although at the level not required quite yet. This hurdle overcome I set off for the competition arena with a surprisingly relaxed horse, or so I thought?

Flower pot: "AARGH its going to bite me! Funny looking Wendy House at the end of the Centre line? Whoever would want to live there! Another horse in the arena next door? No definitely never seen one of those before!" I'm sure these are only a few of the thoughts running through my horse's mind at that moment. It was at the point when her shrieks and cries set virtually the entire showground off whinnying that I could not help but laugh and hold her hand the whole way through the test. With exception of a couple of unexpected one-time changes in the Counter Canter it was a relatively mistake free all be it tense test, though the noisiest I have ridden by far. As she has quite freaky hind legs in the canter we had rather hoped this might go down well with the judges, needless to say we were a little disappointed to hear the judges comments of this being due to 'tension'. I can't wait to hear the comments on it when she is relaxed!

11 May 2008 – My 21st!

My 21st birthday! I took the day off as and had a party. In the afternoon I had a barbeque with friends and family. It ended up bigger than I expected with fifty people coming and all having a great time. Later on, more than thirty of us went out on the town! I had a fabulous time though am slightly worried now as the next notable birthday will be the big 30?

30 April 2008 – Show Boy at Sheepgate

Wednesday 30th April
We travelled to Sheepgate with Show Boy (Sunny), my five year old stallion. He is still getting used to loading, travelling and unloading. Not to mention the busy atmosphere of being at a competition, which he finds very exciting! We had decided to take him for experience and ring practice. He travelled well and after a nail biting first few minutes in the stables and the quick erection of a half grill on his door, settled very well. I let him rest for a couple of hours and then took him into the warm up arenas for a leg stretch. Apart from being a little nervous of the other horses, he behaved very well!

Thursday 1st May
Competition Day. As Sunny wasn't competing until the afternoon I got up early to take him for a leg stretch as the competition started. This was really good for him to be in the busy competition warm up with a lot going on. A very good chance for him to get used to horses passing him from all directions, the speakers and of course the Geese/Ducks that wander about at Sheepgate!

It is another learning curve for the young horses to have to stand still for twenty or so minutes while we plait up! Sunny is always very busy in the stable, eating, drinking and generally making a mess so it took some very tactful distraction by Clare who is my groom to make him stand still while I plaited!

When it came to the competition Sunny was very relaxed in the warm up so I was pleased I had taken the extra time with him at the show to acclimatise to the atmosphere. We did a reasonably simple Novice test but it was a big ask to take Sunny away from all the horses in the warm up and go on his own to the Arena. He behaved beautifully, although a little tense all the way through the test until a couple of movements from the end. As we came to do the medium canter the combination due to compete after me came right up to his arena. Now this is something Sunny will have to learn to deal with as he gets older but on the day he got very excited! A rather explosive medium cater resulted followed by an excited last few movements. Disappointing for the day, but good experience for the future. More test practice at competitions required I think!

03 March 2008 – Show Boy Dominates!

Show boy contested his first competition at Richmond on 2nd March. Showing enormous potential he was focused and consistent gaining a fabulous score of 73.7%. He is now half qualified for the summer regional championships and will be out again soon

08 February 2008 – Girls Shine on First outing

Royal Alliance and Feine Dame contested thier first competition at Willerby on 7th Feb. Apart from a few hair raising moments in the warm up both girls behaved superbly showing much potential for the future. Royal Alliance added a whopping 74.58% to her record half qualifying her for the summer regional championships. Watch this space.....!

23 January 2008 – Dressage Saddles for sale

Black and brown dressage saddles for sale all 17.5 inch seats and range of fits from meduim, medium - wide and wide. All in top condition.

All priced sensibly to sell please email for more info

22 January 2008 – Email problems

We are currently experiencing problems with the e-mail system. This is hopefully going to be sorted soon. Apologies if you have emailed and we have not replied please until further notice email

12 November 2007 – Show Boy Showing his Potential!

Show boy took part in his first competition at Richmond starting his competition campaign. He was super, showing all the qualities and characteristics to be a serious competition prospect for the future.

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