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18 September 2007 – British Dressage National Championships

We have just got back from the British Dressage National Dressage Championships at Stoneliegh Park in Warwickshire. I coundn't be more proud of Chunky! He was fantastic!

The first class we ran in was the Prix St George Championship. The Trot-work was good as was the walk with the exception of the second walk pirouette when he had a little spook. I was pleased with the canter work which felt really safe and secure at the level. The end result was 11th place in what was a very strong National Championship class.

On Friday Chunky competed again, this time in the Inter 1 Championship. Again i was pleased with the trotwork and the walk was much more settled. In canter the Pirouettes were good but a small mistake (on my part!) in the two time changes slightly knocked our score. Nevertheless we ended 15th and qualified for the music final.

The Music Final took place on Saturday and its safe to say mum was panicking slightly! Having been in Germany and only returning for the Championships I had put together the music on my laptop and had a quick run-thro the day before leaving! I wasn't worried though as with a music competition if you do slightly loose your way or get behind the music, the judges don't know! My trot music was Rod Stewart's 'If You think i'm sexy', Walk was Bill Withers, 'Lean on Me' and for Canter 'lovely day'. He went the best he possibly could have done for him on the day and considering too that we were first to go and moved up the order to 12th, I couldn't have been prouder of my 'Small But Mighty' horse!

There was a lot of Entertainment scheduled at this years championships part of which was a Quadrille Mum had been asked to put together. It was titled 'Time-warp!' and based on the Rocky Horror Picture show. Myself and Lara Griffiths Dressed up in Gold Sequin Tailcoats and Top-Hats in the Character of 'Columbia' and Henry Boswel and Charlie Hutton took on the roll of the Boys in Dnner Jackets with a twist. We did a fun display including the Time-Warp actions in canter, lots of flying changes and pirouettes. I hope the crowd enjoyed it and each time we performed it i think we got a bit more polished!

Also as part of the entertainment and displays, Emma Hindle did a masterclass on the Saturday and Sunday. She Brought over Chequille and First Heinrich, two top class horses we will be seeing a lot of in the future. The demo was educational and entertaining and Emma is an ispiration to us all.

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  • Feine Dame: 1st / 69.45
  • Divine: 1st / 72%
  • Aristo: 4th, 6th, 4th / 70.4% (music Final)
  • Aristo: 2nd overall / 72.9 + 70%
  • Show Boy: 1st / 68.92%
  • Feine Dame: 1st / 68.88%
  • Feine Dame: 1st / 72.07%
  • Show Boy: 1st / 71.47%
  • Aristo: 1st / 70.38%
  • Show Boy: 1st / 72.8%

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