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09 December 2008 – Olympia

I'm not sure what I've let myself in for! We had our first practice today for the Scottish themed Olympia Finale where four of us emerge through the tunnel filled with smoke to a big stage in the middle of the arena, with four Scottish dancers and bag pipers! Not to mention the spotlights, 'erm interesting costumes and of course the imminent crowd that will be watching us while we are doing our quadrille! Then we stay in while John Parker's famous Stage Coaches come in, the Shetlands from the Grand National, children, ponies, dogs and of course Santa and his sleigh?

08 December 2008 – Olympia

Having finally managed to sort out transport to Olympia with World Classic (Willi), we were on the road again for a week's festivities and fun! Olympia is always so Christmassy, I was really looking forward to denting the bank balance a bit more and doing lots of shopping, watching some of the top riders in the World Cup and, of course the Show jumping

01 December 2008 – America!

Again on a plane, this time en route to Las Vegas. We had both been looking forward to this part of our holiday most, so I was really hoping Vegas would be as big and lit up as I imagined. We arrived and were most definitely not disappointed! The Belllagio where we stayed (and also where Oceans Eleven was filmed) was lovely and I was amazed to find all the casinos linked with shopping malls. Only one intention I think in Vegas - 'hook you in to gamble, ply you with free drink so you bet more and then when you do move on, encourage you to shop in the huge malls to spend more money'! We won a bit some nights and lost (a lot) on other nights but think we about broke even in the end!

There were loads of different shows on while we were there but we chose to see two Cirque de Soleil acts, one was a Beatles tribute called Love and the other was the classic 'O'. Both acrobatic shows were awesome! We also saw the Rat Pack tribute which was dinner and then some of the greats singing songs and an appearance from 'Marilyn Monroe' who sang Happy Birthday to one lucky audience member. One thing we couldn't leave Vegas without doing was the Helicopter ride into the Grand Canyon. This involved flying over the Hover Dam and then landing in the Grand Canyon by the river for a picnic and champagne. We flew back over the strip at night and saw Vegas lit up by night!

Coming home seemed to take forever but when we eventually made it, I was glad to be back and looking forward to getting in the saddle, feeling refreshed and ready for action!

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