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23 February 2009 – 21st Feb

Its was finally Regionals day today at Addington and I was on at half ten in the morning leaving me plenty of time to fuss, faff and generally jitter about before I got on to warm up! Feine Dame can be a bit prone to young chestnut mare syndrome so I wasn?t sure what sort of behavior to expect. Although the test was inside we had to warm up outside as both Indoor arenas were being used for the competition. Given that we have hardly worked outside all winter, she behaved very well, only a little bit explosive and giving me a lot of passage for a 10! The main problem I have when she is fresh is that her back arches exactly like you spend so much time trying to teach them in training and then the more transitions etc I do for control, the more under she comes behind and the more up the back goes! I was actually very glad when mum said it was time for the bandages to come off and to go for the test. I know as soon as we come away from all the horses, she turns her full attention to me and we can actually concentrate on the job in hand. We floated through the Novice test in the Indoor school and I couldn?t believe how ?with me? she was. Often I pilot her through the test getting the high marks on her quality but today in addition to the quality we were actually very accurate in the movements! I was thrilled to bits when we came out as she had given me such a fabulous feeling. It turned out we had got 74.28% and gone into the lead. I had to then sit trough another three hours of competition before finding out we had stayed in the lead and won. So its off to the Winter Championships for Feine Dame!

20 February 2009 – 19th Feb

After a really busy and eventful couple of weeks, including getting snowed in down at Emiles during the World Class training sessions and eventually managing to battle our way home I was very glad all the snow had disappeared! We were back on the road again today with Feine Dame and Aristo to go back to Emiles for two days training before Feine Dame?s Novice Regional Championship at Addington. They have been going well at home, though Feine Dame?s last run out to a local show was well and truly cancelled due to frozen arenas leaving me a little nervous as we have had hardly any runs yet this season!

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  • Feine Dame: 1st / 69.45
  • Divine: 1st / 72%
  • Aristo: 4th, 6th, 4th / 70.4% (music Final)
  • Aristo: 2nd overall / 72.9 + 70%
  • Show Boy: 1st / 68.92%
  • Feine Dame: 1st / 68.88%
  • Feine Dame: 1st / 72.07%
  • Show Boy: 1st / 71.47%
  • Aristo: 1st / 70.38%
  • Show Boy: 1st / 72.8%

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